socioSocial-ENVIRONMENTAL issues

The concepts of Environmental Preservation and Social Responsibility are part of Grupo Tristão’s daily activities, whose actions go beyond the existing laws and are completely coherent with the best quality, environmental and social responsibility principles.

The Grupo Tristão markets a substantial volume of certified coffees, as Rainforest, Utz Kapeh and 4C, international mechanisms deeply focused on sustainability support and incentive (sustainable coffee), combining social & environmental campaigns, as well as fair compensation to producers and all remaining plantation workers.

Sustainability Policies

For the Grupo Tristão, sustainability means to be environmentally-friendly, economically viable, socially fair and culturally accepted. It is the Group’s commitment to all society and future generations, promoting its business and providing multiple benefits based on social, economic and environmental values, so that clients, shareholders, employees and communities can benefit from.

socio2Seeking environmental sustainability, Realcafé exchanged the fuel base of its boiler from the fossil natural gas to the renewable fuel from wood chips. That is because the natural gas generates carbon dioxide, which is consumed by Eucalyptus trees. Besides, the wood chips used derived from furniture manufacturing debris, boxes and paper, which if not re-used as fuel would simply have been discarded as solid waste. Together with wood chips, the solid residues from instant coffee production – coffee grounds – are also burned as fuel, eliminating this waste from production.

The search for reducing energy consumption, in order to also decrease the environmental impact, is a company concern that led to the acquisition of new air compressors, the replacement of fluorescent bulbs for LED ones, among other changes, as oil disposal programs, as well as programs to dispose of the substituted light bulbs, so that no environmental damage is caused.

The company’s sustainability policies also include water concerns, and so, after important investments, in 2013, a wastewater treatment plant was built, allowing the company to give back to Nature water of higher quality than that collected, thus reaffirming the Group’s commitment to the environment and quality of life in the neighboring areas.

Social Responsibility

socio3The Grupo Tristão is an active participant in the Junior Achievement organization, the largest and oldest entity of hands-on education in business, economics and entrepreneurship in the world. So much so that the Group’s President, Sérgio Tristão, was chairman of the Espírito Santo unit for several years.

Through the Jônice Tristão Foundation, created in 1983, other Social Responsability projects are carried out, as the maintenance of the José Ribeiro Tristão Cultural Center, and the construction of a Cultural Building – Casa da Cultura – where the Public Library is located, both located in the city of Afonso Cláudio.

Realcafé/Tristão has been a supporter of the João XXIII Institute for 15 years, a non-profit organization founded in 1999 that serves infants and teenagers in social vulnerability. The institute sponsors initiatives that foster good actions and practices, serving more than 2000 infants and teenagers in socio-educative activities in the fields of music, sports and education. Visit the website and learn more about the João XXIII Institute.

Tristão and Realcafé are also partners of the Coffee Technological and Development Center – CETCAF. It is a non-governmental and non-profit entity, founded in December 1993, with the paramount purpose of being the liaison agency between the various players within the coffee industry.

The agency has played a key role in the unification process of the coffee production chain, especially of conilon coffee. And the Grupo Tristão has, since its inception, continuously supported the agency’s actions, not just with its associates but also with the developments favoring the coffee-growing culture of the state of Espírito Santo, whether arabica or conilon.

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