qualidadeThe companies in the Grupo Tristão market all the varieties of coffee demanded by consumers both in the domestic and foreign markets, which increasingly strive for excellence. Thus, all Grupo Tristão’s products go through a thorough process control so that such quality is guaranteed, proven and recognized.

Certificates & Seals:

The ABIC Purity Seal: the Coffee Purity Control Program is a certification issued by the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association – ABIC. This Purity Seal is only authorized for packages of products made exclusively with coffee. Implemented in 1989, this program aims to certify the purity of roast ground coffee, combating fraud and marketing of poor quality coffees with a high percentage of impurities, by means of a continuous brand monitoring.

UTZ: UTZ Certified (meaning “good coffee” in the Mayan language) is a global certification program for the responsible production and supply of coffee. The certificate complies with the Code of Conduct establishing the social and environmental criteria in relation to responsible coffee production practices, and to Traceability criteria through the Chain of Custody, thus guaranteeing a UTZ Certified coffee is not blended with a non-certified one. The UTZ certified products show commitment to a sustainable business, social responsibility, good farming practices and traceability.

qualidade2ISO 9001: the ISO 9001 Certification shows the continuous commitment of the company to quality and client satisfaction through the implementation of a Quality Management System, which certifies that products meet clients’ needs and demands, as well as comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

HACCP: the HACCP Certification is based on the application of a methodology that uses preventive principles & concepts, according to those established by an international standardization forum in the food industry (Codex Alimentarius Commission), aiming to guarantee the supply of food items that do not pose risks to consumers’ health.

KOSHER: the Kosher Certification is recognized worldwide and guarantees that products follow the specific norms that guide the Jewish diet; it also guarantees that the company complies with the established Kosher laws, including its requirements for cleaning, purity and quality of products.

HALAL: the Halal Certification is also recognized worldwide and issued by the Islamic Center in Brazil upon verification of the complete production process, guaranteeing that the company complies with all principles of the Muslim diet.

Cafuso Competition – UCC

As part of the coffee producing scene, the Grupo Tristão has always strived to guide small producers, as well as the entire productive chain in the cannons of continuous improvement and full quality that have always marked the group’s activities. In light of this, the Group promotes a quality competition for arabica coffee. The competition was initially played in 2001, within the framework of a business partnership between Tristão and Realcafé, and the Japanese Ueshima Coffee Company – UCC.

The competition identifies and awards the best coffees in the arabica variety, sustainably produced in the Espírito Santo’s mounting range, guaranteeing the purchase of the entire harvest from the first ten winners. Therefore, it drives producers to continuously enhance their product quality and values those who meet internationally recognized standards, in a sustainable and socially responsible way. For the competitors, this is still a way to conquer new markets and meet the rising demand for unique products of superior quality.

Realcafé Quality Policy

Realcafé Solúvel do Brasil, producer of instant coffee, concentrated coffee extract, roast coffee, roast & ground coffee and coffee oil, aims to guarantee its clients’ satisfaction. For this purpose, product safety, quality and hygiene are achieved through continuous improvement and process control along with the compliance with the relevant requirements, from the receipt of raw materials and supplies to the final product delivery.

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