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The Grupo TristĂŁo is responsible for creating 400 direct jobs in its production & administrative departments, while investing in quality of life incentive programs. These programs, added to the values that have placed the Group within the best in the world, make its employees feel appreciated and guarantee excellence in rendered services.

This workforce is bestowed with career & salary plans, facilitating its career development. Campaigns for socialization and healthy lifestyle, as sports incentives through soccer tournaments and employee-athlete sponsorship, as well as leisure in important dates, including family interaction, are all part of the companies’ daily lives. In this regard, the José Ribeiro Tristão Experience Center is the venue where the employees can practice sports or any leisure activity at will.

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In this scenario, the word that defines the Grupo TristĂŁo is success, resulting from working with ethics, professionalism and dedication, characterized by relationships based on respect, appreciation and trust.

Work Safety and Occupational Health

The Tristão Group, always with the safety and well-being of its employees in mind, promotes the actions of the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents (Comissão Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes – CIPA), maintaining training campaigns and the use of personal protection equipment (PPEs), health & dental plans, as well as immunization programs against the flu, including the H1N1 vaccine, among other well-being related programs.

Basic Principles:

Training Center

Risk identification and anticipation;valorizacao2

Risk prevention and control;

Qualification and training;



Emergency control;

Accident recording and analysis;

Promotion & Advertising.

General Safety Guidelines:

No employee is authorized to carry out any type of activity that poses a risk to their own safety, the safety of fellow employees, the safety of the company’s property or the safety of the environment.

All employees in a leadership position are responsible for preventing accidents and occupational diseases within their work team.

No task shall be performed without adequate training and orientation regarding existing risks and safe procedures of activity execution.

All accidents and incidents with high injury potential (to employee, property and/or environment) shall be reported, investigated and their causes eliminated or controlled.

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